Management and supervision of railway lines


  • Singapour subway
  • Brazil subway (CPTM)
  • Thailand, Jabodebek
  • TMB (Barcelona subway)
  • Madrid subway
  • AVE (HSR) Sevilla
Management and supervision of railway lines
Work done:
  • ATS software architecture, design and R&D&i development with SCRUM methodology
  • Software verification and validation (SIL0, SIL1, SIL2)
  • Infrastructure operation, management and progress monitoring
  • Maintenance and updating of software in production
  • Interoperability with third-party software
  • System and application communication
  • Railway sector IT consulting services
  • Requirements
  • Custom software products
  • Simulation

Rail9000 is one of the most relevant projects TechOnRails is involved with. It is a railway-line operating system based on ATS, a software solution currently implemented along some of the major railway lines in the world which, through SCRUM methodology, is adapting to current functional and safety requirements by means of the latest technologies.

This software is comprised of a set of tools rail operators use in order to manage a range of railways from HSRs to subway, tram, etc.  It’s adaptable to any kind of railway line, so it’s completely configurable and versatile.

Besides management proper to railway lines, Rail9000 for Regulation and Control Centres is prepared to work in Hot-Stand By mode, where there’s a backup instance for the whole software should the active fail. Also, there’s an evolution in the field of new technologies, to achieve a robust, reliable and up-to-date software.

TechOnRails’ team has developed the local operator station, a subsystem of Rail9000 featuring complete functionalities to manage local stations.

Among other features, it allows monitoring of the operation through schematic diagrams, alarms, events, operating history, TSR (temporal speed restriction) management, enables ERMTS 1 and 2 levels, ASFA, TGMT technology, CBTC (even GoA4), etc. In addition, it incorporates a self-regulation environment, through which it’s possible to configure and adapt the line so that trains use a self-adjusting mode, where drivers only have to be concerned about opening and closing the train’s doors.


Madrid’s subway

Renewal of signalling devices in 32 stations along line 5, as well as complete software updating to increase line’s performance almost by 50%.

In addition, automatic train regulation has also been updated in order to be more reliable and efficient during line’s operation.

Barcelona´s subway

Energy consumption has been reduced by 15-20% thanks to the ATO signalling system, implemented along lines 2 and 5. This results in the company providing a better service to their customers.

Singapore´s subway

With a length of 40 km/ 24.8 mi and 34 stations, Singapore’s DownTown Line connects east and north-east areas with city centre. It features automatic control systems, allowing for automatic train operation. This, along with the electronic interlocking system and the automatic monitoring system Controlguide Rail9000, contributes to a great reduction of both time and implementation costs.

Rail 9K_2


Marmaray has the first underwater railway tunnel, connecting two continents. With a total length of 74 km/46 mi (14 km/ 8.7 mi under the Bosphorus), this line is equipped with ERMTS and CBTC systems. It currently provides both local train and subway service for the city’s metropolitan area, making it an asset for more than 200 000 passengers daily.


With a maximum influx of around 9 million users per day, Sao Paulo´s subway operates on automatic driving. Its automatic monitoring system is also managed by Controlguide Rail9000. This automatic system has allowed for totally safe railway transit, while reducing travel times fivefold. In addition, said technology enhances energy efficiency.